Limited Warranty

Zuma Lighting, LLC manufactured products are guaranteed against mechanical, electrical and finish defects for a period of one (1) year from date of delivery. LED components have a (5) year warranty. Authorized returns that have been deemed as defective by Zuma Lighting within the guaranteed period and then repaired, constitutes fulfillment of all obligation under warranty. Zuma Lighting assumes no responsibility for the proper installation of its products, or for labor costs involved in repair or replacement. Also not covered is: product failure which is caused by the misapplication or incorrect or unstable electrical power, vandalism, acts of God, as well as products that have been damaged through mishandling or used for a  purpose that was not intended by the Manufacturer. Lamps and ballasts are covered only to the limit of those manufacturer’s warranties and not Zuma Lighting. Warranty is limited to jobs paid in full.