We are a team of experts working to illuminate outdoor spaces.

With over 100 years of lighting and manufacturing experience, our team has developed products that provide solutions to a wide variety of commercial and industrial markets, both domestically and internationally.

We specialize in architectural, decorative, historical, sports, utility, industrial, hospitality lighting, pole manufacturing, as well as LED retrofit kits.

Our combined experience, creativity and commitment to our customers is what drives Zuma Lighting to continuously grow and embrace the opportunities ahead.

Dylan Markus and Gary Bieber at Lightshow West 2019 in Los Angeles

Dylan Markus and Gary Bieber at Lightshow West 2019 in Los Angeles



Zuma Lighting is rooted in the legacy of two successful California-based family businesses dating back to the early 1900s; Bieber Lighting and Calpipe Industries.

Founded in Inglewood, CA in 1929, Bieber Lighting Corp pioneered the early commercial lighting industry. 3 generations later, Gary Bieber - cofounder of Zuma Lighting, continues to uphold the family legacy of producing quality lighting fixtures and solutions.

Prior to establishing Zuma Lighting, Gary was president of Bieber Illumination Group, a successful outdoor lighting company that manufactured fixtures and solutions for hundreds of projects across the United States.

The heritage of Calpipe Industries, Inc. dates back to 1917, with the founding of Jackson-Markus Supply by Peter Markus, the grandfather of Dan Markus, founder and former president of Calpipe Industries. Jackson-Markus Supply manufactured and distributed flow control products, plumbing fittings, and construction materials. In the early 1960’s, the family expanded into stainless steel and nickel alloy weld fittings, servicing a rapidly growing market in refining, petrochemical, food processing, aerospace, infrastructure and other industries.

In 1986, Dan Markus founded Calpipe Industries, Inc. focusing on the electrical industry, after recognizing the similarities between the plumbing, PVF, and electrical industries. Over the next 30 years, Dan grew Calpipe from a small local manufacturing company to an internationally recognized firm with 5 manufacturing facilities and over 200 employees. In 2016, Calpipe Industries, Inc. was acquired by Atkore International.

In 2018, Dan’s son Dylan Markus teamed up with Gary Bieber to co-found Zuma Lighting. Dylan now serves as Vice-President alongside with Dan, who serves as CEO of Zuma Lighting, where they continue to utilize their expertise in manufacturing and business operations to ultimately provide quality outdoor lighting products and solutions.